ENERGOTEST Kft. has been functioning since 1990 in the field of garage industry as a developing, manufacturing and distributing company. The professional colleagues have got more than 20 years of practical experience in the field of vehicle diagnostics, industrial automation, measurement and data collection and software development. Thanks to a constant and continue growth, today we introduce ourselves to our customers as a leader company on   the domestic market, in garage equipment and not only.

Flexible adaption of the constantly changing country-specific statutory regulations concerning vehicle inspection and testing is ensured by our well-skilled engineer team, by the continuous mechanical, electronical and software developments, and by the increasing number of subsidiaries/distributors in several foreign countries.

With our self-manufactured products we offer solutions of quality for technical testing stations and passenger car and truck services in the field of technical testing and car diagnostics.

Our products:
  • roller brake tester in the following categories: passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters and quads and other special vehicles
  • shock absorber bench for passenger cars and trucks
  • play detectors for passenger cars and trucks
  • toe meter (side slipe test)
  • air-break tester
  • decelerometer
  • power test bench in the following categories: passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, and farm vehicles
  • mobile technical test station in the following categories: passenger cars, trucks.
  • axle-load measurement device
  • tachograph check set application (rolling tachograph test on ENERGOTEST brake tester)
  • complex software system ENERGOLINE for technical inspection and diagnostics

As original producer we keep important to produce reliable products of quality therefore we are working togheter solely with partners / suppliers who are recognized internationally. Our work is verified by the following certificates:

  • Certification charter (ISO 9001:2008) by TÜV Rheinland InterCert Kft. which covers the manufacturing also.
  • production controlling document by Hungarian Electronical Monitoring Institution
  • accreditive charter by NAT (Nemzeti Akkreditáló Testület = National Accreditive Corporation)
  • VOSA qualification to play detectors DETE
  • Certificate from National Transport Authority (NTA)  of Hungary about accepting ENERGOLINE, ENERGOTEST developed software as official software to be used for technical inspections.

We are at our partners' disposal with complete service, we provide Internet support, call-center support, complete training and intermittent qualifications.

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