Heat pump system

The 90kW heat pump system of Energotest own construction has been functioning at our premises in Dunaharaszti since 2005. The system operation is regulated by the control software developed by ENERGOTEST, in order to ensure the optimum energy  consumption.
The building consists of offices and production hall of 7000 cubic meter of air, and was originally built up with conventional gas heating. Since the installation of the heat pump system the company has got significant savings annually, which amount can be spent for further developments.

Utilization of renewable energies

Green-energy by ENERGOTEST!

Why green energy?

  • the use of the system ensures significant cost saving
  • the system is able to retrieve 5,5-6kW heat energy from 1 kW electric power
  • the expensive coal-, oil- and gas heating is 100% replaceable
  • the costs of air-conditioning can be reduced because of the better efficiency than conventional air-conditioning systems
  • no fume and pollutant emissions
Why heat pump system?

  • currently is the most effective heating method
  • risk-free operation (fire protection, flue gas),
  • low maintenance costs, high operational reliability
  • the real estate much more appreciated by its own energy source
  • the system is able furthermore to provide 55 °C warm water

How does it function?

To extract the ground energy there are more alternatives:

  • horizontal soil probe with closed circulation
  • horizontal pipe-laying with direct vaporization
  • deep drilling with closed circulation
  • use of the ground water in open system


This mentioned last, has been functioning also by Energotest. The extracted ground water will be delivered to the heat pump by a pump, where the geothermal energy is utilized. Depending on the operating status (heating or cooling) the heated or cooled water get back into the soil through the drain wells.

The remote monitoring based on ENERGOTEST CAN system allows continuous online monitoring via internet, so the functioning of the system can be easily controlled or adjusted.


...what about the costs?

If the decision is made to build-up a heat pump system, there is a plenty of tender opportunities, pre-financing arrangements and supports what can be choosen from.

Customers using heat pump system, can operate their system with 35% cheaper electricity by the so-called GEO tariffs!


By Energotest has already been functioning! Short return time!

At our premises in Dunaharaszti, there is a reference heating/cooling system, and its return time is only 5 years, compared to the conventional gas heating-split climate systems!

 Dear Partners!

During the events organised by Energotest or in occasion of a pre-arranged visit, you can have a look to our heat pump system!

 If we drew your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a visiting time! See our 90 kW system during operation!
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