Management and staff

Energotest has got three managing directors:

Mr. Péter Bán managing director
Mechanical engineer, has been working in the field of  vehicle diagnostics and garage equipments since 1990.

Mr. Tamás Zentai managing director
Electrical engineer, has been working since 1984 in the field of vehicle diagnostics and computer systems.

Mr. Attila Steigervald managing director
Mechanical engineer, Quality engineer, economist, since 1999 has been working int he field of the quality control, since 2003 in the field of production management.

There are over 100 employees of the company, from which more than 40 person are engineer, all are highly skilled specialists, with many years of technical experience.

The staff is built up from:
-    electrical engineers
-    mechanical engineers
-    technical workers
-    specialist in quality assurance system
-    experts in finance
-    experts in commerce

The company’s activities are divided into 4 fields:
-    development, production and sales of Energotest products
-    projects and engineering
-    trade activity
-    after-sales service, calibration laboratory